Car Buying Tips

Buying a car is a huge life decision, and it’s important that you make the right decision for you and your family. Here at Paul Kelly Motor Company we help thousands of Cantabrians get into a new car every year, so we have compiled a list of our most important car buying tips to help you avoid common mistakes.


1. When purchasing your new vehicle it is extremely important not only what vehicle you purchase but who you purchase that vehicle from. Dealing with large used vehicle yards or franchises, most often have better systems in place for after sales service, also the outright buying power – A premium product should be obtainable at a better price.

2. These type businesses should be able to give you letters of commendation on hand on the day. These testimonials should give you a good indication of the dealers past performance on customer’s satisfaction.

3. Independent vehicle checks for peace of mind should always be welcomed from the dealer you are purchasing from. The Automobile Association is always a popular choice. If you have had a long term relationship with a reputable workshop – why not use them!

4. A big “no” is minimum trade-in. Example: $2000 minimum trade-in. If your vehicle is worth $1000 and you get $2000 for it, then the next customer’s vehicle is worth $150 and also gets $2000 for it you just traded your $1000 vehicle for $150. In other words, the $2000 is built into the price of the dealers vehicle they are selling. Keep your trade-in and ask for the $2000 discount.

5. Motor Vehicle Dealers with two prices on their vehicles doesn’t show any integrity. Example: if the vehicle was advertised $14,990 now $12,999 and without offer $11,990 with offer $9,990. I strongly suggest purchasing a vehicle from a motor vehicle dealer that does not operate in this manner. If the dealer is happy to offer the lower price, why wasn’t it offered in the first place? Do you feel you are getting value for money from this type of dealer?


If you are looking for a new car and want some personal advice, feel free to come and speak to one of the friendly team at any one of our Christchurch locations.

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