Meet the Team

We are one of the largest used car dealers in Christchurch. Our experienced and friendly sales team are always ready to help you find the perfect vehicle. We have 4 locations in Christchurch:


Vehicles from $9990

208 Montreal Street, Christchurch

– Ph. (03) 3778500  – Fax. (03) 374 6238

Mark Holland PKMC Thumbnail Kent Freer PKMC Thumbnail Nick Putt PKMC Thumbnail Dion Manson PKMC Thumbnail
Mark Holland Kent Freer Nick Putt Dion Manson


Premier Selection from $11990

85 Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch

– Ph. (03) 3771654  – Fax. (03) 3771654

Mark Holland PKMC Thumbnail Steve Rab PKMC Thumbnail Kevin Foster PKMC Thumbnail
Mark Holland Steve Rab Kevin Foster


European Vehicles and Sportscars

30a Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch

– Ph. (03) 377 7109  – Fax. (03) 377 1131

Richard Souster PKMC Thumbnail
Lyndon Childs Richard Souster


4WD Holden/Ford and Vehicles from $6990

458 Moorehouse Avenue, Christchurch

– Ph. (03) 365 9204  – Fax. (03) 365 9280

Nick Elvy PKMC Thumbnail John Gebbie PKMC Thumbnail James Skurr PKMC Thumbnail Aaron Baker PKMC Thumbnail
Nick Elvy John Gebbie James Skurr Aaron Baker

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