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Vehicle Info
Finance for: Vehicle Purchased from Paul Kelly Motor Company
Type: Boat Motorbike Caravan Used Vehicle Other
Yard: Premier Selection 4WD EUROPEAN SPORTSCARS
$9990 HOLDEN / FORD $6990
Make:      Model:
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By completing this application I/We authorise the dealer/broker and/or lender;

- to collect from credit reporting agencies, credit providers, my/our employer(s), accountant(s) or other named persons, such personal, financial and commercial information and references about me/us as is necessary for the purpose of considering this application, and for those third parties to disclose information to the dealer/broker/and or lender;

- to disclose personal information about me/us to credit reporting and debt collection agencies in the event of any default in any sum owing to the lender, and also to any third party making an authorised enquiry about me/us.

I/We understand that, pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993, I/we have the right to request access to and correction of any personal information held by the dealer/broker.

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